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With over two decades of helping people realize their best and coaching teams to succeed in their endeavours, Cyn’s diverse education and experience has allowed her to meet a variety of needs for a broad client base. 
Cyn’s latest and most challenging role stems from her more recent life experience.  The loss of her first husband to cancer, a horrific car accident which left her son with a severe brain injury and the loss of both her Dad, who had Alzheimer’s and her Mom to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) – both within 30 days, left Cyn permanently transformed.  Since then she has turned her attention to the support of and promoting the awareness of the special needs of CareGivers.
Cyn spent the first part of her career helping people make better choices and decisions about their lives.  Today, fueled by her transformative personal experiences, she now focuses on the wellbeing of CareGivers as CEO of Choice Dementia Services.  Her mission is to help the CareGiver who struggles with bringing mind and body to harmony and balance, live the fullest life they can, one moment at a time.
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